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Meet your new Chief Impact Officer…Michael Smith 

Michael is an influential leader with 15 years experience advancing sustainable development + creating lasting value for leading organizations. He works with purpose-driven leaders as a CXO - where ‘X’ stands for Strategy, Sustainability, Partnerships, Collaboration, Growth, Innovation + Impact.

Michael has a track record of leadership working across sectors + industries. In house + as an external resource, he’s devised + delivered growth / impact strategies, projects + partnerships for large corporations, high-growth startups, social enterprises + B Corps, foundations, charities + NGOs. He engages with chief executives + board members, works across internal teams + supply chains to design, develop, procure + market high-quality products + services that benefit people + planet.

Michael acts as a trusted advisor, coach + trainer to purpose-driven executives, boards + teams; he loves being a strategic growth partner for organizations with shared values. He is passionate + skilled helping leaders build + grow better brands that win by being best for the world!

Here are a few more of Michael's favourite things:

  • developing the business case, roadmap, + strategies for companies to become Certified B Corps + high-impact brands that grow value by positively contributing to the Sustainable Development Goals;

  • empowering leaders to think bigger + more boldly about brand leadership + the business opportunities in addressing our world’s social, environmental + economic challenges;

  • developing + refining high-impact business models that are circular, regenerative, future-fit;

  • helping leaders to define + activate their brand purpose to improve the wellbeing of millions of people + regenerate natural ecosystems;

  • effectively engaging key stakeholders internally + externally based on radical transparency, greater accountability + trust;

  • leveraging shared values + ambitious leadership goals to build strategic partnerships + advance collaborations that unlock innovation;

  • creating consumer preference, brand loyalty + unfair competitive advantage for purpose-driven companies;

  • creating more value for stakeholders + shareholders, benefiting all over the long-term;

  • growing a global movement of B Corps + purpose-driven, high impact brands that re-define business success + help shift us towards a more inclusive + sustainable form of capitalism;

  • achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030 together with suppliers, business partners, impact investors, policymakers + civil society leaders.

 Michael contributes to social innovation initiatives that benefit clients, partners + advance our shared vision for a better world. IMPACT BRIDGE is actively supporting multi-stakeholder collaborations that will accelerate meaningful progress on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). We are advancing systemic change because we see what’s emerging: a regenerative economy that is lead by high-impact brands helping 10 billion people + the planet to thrive.

Bottom Line: those brands that are courageous + lead with purpose, value(s) + impact will benefit from a greater share in market opportunities worth $12 trillion per year (possibly as much as $30 trillion) by 2030. Michael + the IMPACT BRIDGE team can help you to effectively manage risks + more importantly, to seize massive opportunities.